The Meadows Junior Golf Program

Junior Golf


2 Hole Program: Ages 6-10 (Recommended)

5 Hole Program: Ages 11-13 (Recommended)

9 Hole Program: Ages 14-18 (Recommended)


1 Hour Weekly Instruction

2 Groups: New to the Game and Better Beginners

Juniors Ages 6 to 12



The primary goal of our Junior League is to develop lifelong golfers, who will learn a deep appreciation and respect for the game of golf. Our Program will be FUN, while reinforcing positive core values. The number of committed players to the game will show the success of our program, long after they complete our program.


Our Tuesday and Friday programs include lessons, lunch, pizza party, on course supervision, and prizes the last week of play.  The Tuesday Beginner Program focuses on learning the basics of the game through lessons, while the Friday Program integrates on course play along with group lessons.


Our Friday Golf Program is for the junior in your life who has had experience on the course, and is ready to play some “real” golf.  It is broken down into 3 main groups: 2 hole program, 5 hole program, and the 9 hole program.  Each of these groups are broken into 2 sub-groups.  The age designation shown should be a good gauge, but should not be your only consideration when selecting which program.  Also consider skill level, maturity, and scheduling.  Friday golf programs will be 8 weeks in duration.


Our Friday Golf Program will also include 30 minutes of group instruction before playing each week.  Head Golf Professional Kyle Braska will head up this instruction along with his brother Austin.  Prominent High School players from the area will be helping as well.  New to this year we will be asking parents to sign up as caddies/scorekeepers for the 2 and 5 hole groups.  This is not a requirement, but getting parents involved will not only help the kids finish up the holes they are supposed to play in a timely manner, but it will also allow the parents to see their kids improve over the course of the program.  It should also help them keep accurate scores as well (if they want to).  Lastly, it will also help us monitor etiquette on the course, and help with on course safety.  Parents helping and teaching their kids is vital in all other sports such as soccer, hockey, football, baseball/soft ball, so we say why not golf?


The Tuesday Beginner program will be group instruction for juniors new to the game.  We will be teaching everything from etiquette to the grip, to stance and set-up, to putting/chipping, to the full swing.  Again, we want the kids to learn the game in the most fun way possible.  Our goal is that they want to be excited to come out and learn the game in exciting and fun ways.  This is a 6-week program that will start in June.


Every group, Tuesday or Friday, will get lunch following play each week.  This is a great time for the juniors to get to know the staff better, make some new friends and enjoy the camaraderie that our golf programs encourage. Applications will not be accepted until March 1, 2018 and must be dropped off in person, at the golf shop where the juniors will be assigned into a group and receive the seasons schedule.

Program Descriptions and Cost

Tuesday Beginner Program at The Meadows

$99.00/6-week program: June 11th – July 23rd ( off July 2nd)




New To The Game: 9:00am

  • 1 Hour of Instruction – 16 Max

  • Start from scratch

    • Etiquette

    • Golf vocabulary

    • Grip, Stance, Posture

    • Putting, Chipping, Full Swing

Better Beginners: 10:05am

  • 1 Hour of Instruction – 16 Max

  • Improving to Next Level

    • Etiquette

    • Grip, Stance, Posture

    • Putting, Chipping, Full Swing

    • Course Management – Learn to Score

Is my child a beginner junior golfer? 

Ages 6 to 12 yrs. A beginning junior in their first or second year of golf, has a set of clubs, wants to get better and to learn how and what to practice. The Beginner program is a 1-hour lesson, with educational and fun games. Emphasis will be on fun and will include swing fundamentals, proper golf etiquette and basic rules.

Friday Junior Golf Program at The Meadows

Friday Golf Program: June 14, June 21, June 28, July 12, July 19, July 26, August 16, and August 30




8 Week Program (Last Week is a Tournament)

2 Hole Program $160 (Suggested Age 7-10)

  • Includes 30 minutes of instruction before play

  • Each week they play hole #1 and #9 or #10 and #18

  • Each group must be accompanied by a parent or staff member

  • Parents sign up as (Caddies/Scorekeepers) (Not Required)

  • 2 Groups (16 max per group)

    • 10:15am

    • 11:00am

5 Hole Program $225 (11-13)

  • Includes 30 minutes of instruction before play

  • Play 5 Holes Each Week

  • Each group must be accompanied by a parent or staff member

  • Parents sign up as (Caddies/Scorekeepers) (Not Required)

  • 2 Groups (16 max per group)

    • 8:45am

    • 9:30am

9 Hole Program $280 (14-18)


  • Includes 30 minutes of instruction before play

  • Play 9 holes each week

  • Scores are kept and recorded

  • 2 Groups (16 max per group)

    • 7:15am – Competitive

    • 8:00am – Casual


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